Wear a Helmet!

    10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Excuses for Not Wearing a Helmet!

  1. They're too heavy!
    Not anymore. Today's bicycle helmets only weigh about a half a pound.

  2. I don't need one if I don't ride fast.
    Get this... Even if you were just sitting on your bike talking to friends and you fell and hit your head, your brain could be seriously damaged--- Ouch!

  3. They're too expensive.
    Some helmets cost as little as $20, which is a lot less than the thousands of dollars you'd pay for a visit to the emergency room!

  4. A helmet will mess up my hair.
    Okay, true. But a crash without a helmet can really mess up your head. Your choice: a bad hair day or a bad head life?

  5. I'll look like a geek.
    Wrong. You'll look like a real bicylists, and car drivers will probably respect you more and give you more room on the road because of it.

  6. They're too hot.
    Because they're so light and have lots of openings for air to pass through, helmets aren't any hotter than having your head exposed to the sun while riding.

  7. I don't need one if I don't ride on busy roads.
    Not true. Cars are involved in only 10% of bike-related injuries. Falls are a much bigger problem, and they can happen on any road or path.

  8. I never fall off my bike.
    Maybe not yet, but everybody falls sometime, and it only takes once to do permanent danage.

  9. They're funny looking.
    Helmets today come in lots of cool colors and designs. Find one you like so you'll wear it.

  10. None of my friends wear one.
    Maybe they don't yet know the reasons why a helmet is important. Show them this page and then purchase your helmets together as a group.

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