BVC Summer Time Trial Series

2006 Series Results

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1.Willie ALLEN24:5725.25Hwy 472006-06-28weather
2.Kathleen WEBER28:1822.26Hwy 472006-06-28weather
3.Tom MCKNIGHT29:2221.45Hwy 472006-06-28weather
4.Alan BURDETTE30:3620.58Hwy 472006-06-28weather
5.Josafat JAIME30:5120.42Hwy 472006-06-28weather
6.Bill BOWERS30:5320.39Hwy 472006-06-28weather
7.Rebecca RIGGS31:1620.14Hwy 472006-06-28weather
8.Cathy BOWERS34:0718.46Hwy 472006-06-28weather
9.Andrea BARRETT35:3717.68Hwy 472006-06-28weather
10.Team WANDA37:2016.87Hwy 472006-06-28weather
11.Anna NORDFELT38:4516.25Hwy 472006-06-28weather
12.Dennis MCMILLIN45:2013.89Hwy 472006-06-28weather

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