BVC Summer Time Trial Series

2006 Series Results

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1.Ken DYKEMA25:1424.96Hwy 472006-05-10weather
2.Matt HATTAWAY25:2924.72Hwy 472006-05-10weather
3.Willie ALLEN25:5824.26Hwy 472006-05-10weather
4.Rob MALINAK26:2923.78Hwy 472006-05-10weather
5.Ted CRAVER26:5523.40Hwy 472006-05-10weather
6.Chris MILLER27:1323.14Hwy 472006-05-10weather
7.Matthew FOASHEE27:2922.92Hwy 472006-05-10weather
8.Jim ROBISON27:4722.67Hwy 472006-05-10weather
9.Shawn H/LAURA K (TANDEM)28:2722.14Hwy 472006-05-10weather
10.Rider WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED29:1621.52Hwy 472006-05-10weather
11.Matt YOUNG29:1721.51Hwy 472006-05-10weather
12.Layne WESTOVER29:3221.33Hwy 472006-05-10weather
13.David RIGGS29:4421.18Hwy 472006-05-10weather
14.Tom MCKNIGHT31:3020Hwy 472006-05-10weather
15.Rebecca RIGGS31:4919.80Hwy 472006-05-10weather
16.Josafat JAIME33:1018.99Hwy 472006-05-10weather
17.Amanda HENKES34:2118.34Hwy 472006-05-10weather

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