BVC Summer Time Trial Series

2006 Series Results

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1.Sherman WATTERS26:0124.21Hwy 472006-05-03weather
2.Willie ALLEN26:2123.90Hwy 472006-05-03weather
3.Matt HATTAWAY26:5523.40Hwy 472006-05-03weather
4.Rob MALINAK27:1223.16Hwy 472006-05-03weather
5.Jim ROBISON28:1222.34Hwy 472006-05-03weather
6.Layne WESTOVER30:0820.90Hwy 472006-05-03weather
7.David RIGGS30:3220.63Hwy 472006-05-03weather
8.Becky ROWAN33:2718.83Hwy 472006-05-03weather
9.Rebecca RIGGS33:3218.78Hwy 472006-05-03weather
10.Dax SOULE33:5018.62Hwy 472006-05-03weather
11.Josafat JAIME35:1917.83Hwy 472006-05-03weather
12.George BOYKIN36:1617.37Hwy 472006-05-03weather
13.Rachel WATTERS(MTB)38:0316.55Hwy 472006-05-03weather

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